Thinking aloud

in Pandemic Setting will virtual classroom becomes effective ? It may give a student an options to gain their education while having other obligations and staying at home due to health protocols. As technology keeps moving forward the virtual setting will continue to help the student perform. The virtual setting has created an environment where learning become possible. Despite the claim an online class is as credible due to course flexibility, student motivation, limited distraction, social involvement, time and money. Problems arises in families where gadgets are limited. Students from low-income families struggle in on-line classes because of financial capabilities, wherein the head of the family priorities basic necessity over educational requirements such as wifi or internet connectivity. Yes we can say or assume that youth are more advance when it come to technology, but given the fact that not everyone has the capacity to own a high end or basic gadget is another thing.
Thinking aloud lang mga kapatid. There’s more to what we saw.

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